"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world"  

Bruno Barbey


Hey everybody, my name is Andre Brandt, I am a Finish Carpenter by trade and also a hobby photographer. I shoot mainly Landscapes and Night sky including the Aurora Borealis and the Milky Way. 

In my pictures I like to bring an element of realness and mix it with some creativity to evoke some emotion from you, my audience. 

Living in The Pas, Manitoba, I am surrounded by beautiful lakes, rugged terrain and extremely dark lively skies, no matter what time of year. Being out enjoying nature at its finest is my happy place!

Capturing the Aurora Borealis is by far my favourite subject when it comes to photography, theres nothing like standing under a sky full of Northern Lights dancing all around you! 

My goal of this website is to bring you high quality images, either for viewing or to hang in your own home. A monthly blog is in the works, where I will offer information on settings, apps, workflow and anything to do with shooting the Auroras.

"If I had to describe Andre in one word?  Passion.

I know of extremely few people who have the eye, and skillset to capture the true essence of our surroundings, then find a way to perfectly present it to the masses.

I know of even less people who are willing to battle the minus 40 winds in the winter, and the flocks of insects in the summer - daily, relentlessly, to get that perfect shot.

It's that passion that drives thousands to his work.  And rightfully so."

- Jerome Conaty